Sunday, October 9, 2011

Confessional 1: end of the road

This trip is drawing to a close. I am deeply saddened by this fact. My roommate and one of the best friends a guy like me could have, Will, posed a question I was not able to answer at the time, nor since then, including now.
How will you readjust after the vagabonding is over?
I do not know. I will surely find out very soon.

My guess is that it will be a rough adjustment...and challenging period at first. However, I also believe (and hope) that my personal spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth will serve me well. Change is the only constant we know. As I previously said, any resistance to this will be futile, as well as aggravating. Realizing the nature of things as they are and acceptance will be the key to my adjustment.

As I write this, I feel an energy pulsing throughout me. It is ineffable. To describe it, words fall away from pinning it down. Life. Living. I feel am alive. I have never felt moreso in my 25+ years of existence. ! ! ! ! !J)I#()()!#$()!#$!()_$_!

I do not fear the adjustment period. I do not want it to be any other way. I chose this road. The road leads this way. That's where I shall go. But for now, I'm here. The last statement is the only fact.

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