Short Stories

Here is a list of the short stories I have written, based on my traveling adventures. Click on the story title to be taken directly to the story's page. Most recent to oldest.

Bozeman Backpackers Hostel (part 2)
Four days without a shower makes for a significant event...that first shower again. No picture included, I'm afraid to say.

Bozeman Backpackers Hostel (part 1)

Prior to the trip, I had never stayed in a hostel. The Bozeman Backpackers Hostel was that first experience. And it was a memorable experience, at that. I have gone back to journal entries from that time to write a short story, broken up into parts, about my stay at the hostel and exploring Bozeman.

This first part details my arrival at the hostel and meeting Scott, an unforgettable character who tended to the place.

First Camping Experience: Badlands!

Prior to the trip, I had never camped out before. Sure, I had slept outside as a kid, but never in a campsite, let alone out in the wild. I found the Badlands to be quite the intense place to be for a first camping experience. This story is lifted from my reflections the morning after that first night.

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