Wednesday, May 19, 2010

nothing new in america

As I sit here on my couch watching the NBA playoffs. Althought disinterestedly...actually I've seen less than half the game. It remains on mute, the radio (itunes) is on, and I am busy texting/surfing the web. Nonetheless, this still gives me the sterile feel. The feel that no true experience has happened. Nearly always feel that...the times I am watching/sitting in front of the TV with no true interest in it. Although the interest to do something else cannot outweigh the other side of the balance scale.
Inertia just holds true. It's no wonder to me how America can be so complacent about...EVERYTHING, except the things that matter the least. Such as the things they watch on TV.
This television thing and all that it plays in our culture is a disease. I'm sure of it. It completely alters human behavior with negative side effects. No positives - none that I can think of anyways? (not rationalized positives, such as "it can be educational"). Those things can be done in a different medium. Does television provide any positive impact on the life of a human (when in comparison to a life without it)? Does it ever tip the balance into its favor?

Regardless, I go off on a tangent that is directly related to what's happening here. I sit in front of the TV, with no real desire for it to be on. An actual wish that it were off and some different scene happening.

It numbs --- don't need to explain further. Television is a drug.

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